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The plight of our youth and the necessity to remove educational and social disparity motivated Executive Director, Dr. Kotina W. Hall, to create a program that offers self-help initiatives to youths and the community. Partnership Success, Incorporated (PS, Inc.) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) entity whose mission is to better quip and strengthen youth to become educationally and professionally mature, financially responsible, and socially conscious members of society through a series of educational workshops, tutoring, and mentoring.
Partnership Success, Incorporated created the Excellent You Are! module which incorporated a series of components designed to empower our youth to reach extraordinary levels of excellence in every facet of their lives and become pivotal contributors to society.


Youth located throughout Atlanta and surrounding counties participate in the Excellent You Are! Mentoring and Tutorial Program. This program is available to youth ages six to eighteen, both girls and boys. An estimated 90% of program participants are low to moderate income (below 80% of County Median Income for Individuals).


Excellent You Are! is a mentoring and tutorial program that pairs adult mentors over the age of 21 with youth ages six to eighteen. The goal of the program is to enhance the resiliency of children in order to promote positive development and prevent involvement in high-risk behaviors. The program consists of four components: (1) adults mentoring/tutoring youth, (2) youth participating in a life skills/problem-solving curriculum, (3) academic, cultural, and social exposure via trips/outings, and (4) workshops/seminars. The program is implemented by establishing relationships with governmental agencies, schools, churches, and parents.

The key component of this program is its adult emphasis is to build resilience over adverse circumstances. Relationships are formed between the youth, mentors, and staff volunteers. There are several other factors that are addressed simultaneously
that lead to program success including support that helps youth set and reach their own academic, career and personal goals; attention to the interpersonal violence that often permeates the lives of urban youth and advocating for a change in the
type and level of protection available at a personal and community level. Excellent You Are! has been in existence for the past seven years and has successfully impacted over 100 youth throughout Atlanta and surrounding counties. The program’s duration is September through April, corresponding with the academic school year, which is when it is greatly needed.


This program is being hosted throughout Atlanta and surrounding counties.


Excellent You Are! Is made up of the following four program components:

• Mentoring: Adults ages 21 and older are recruited and trained as mentors
  and tutors spend at least two-hours per month in one-on-one contact with the
  youth. Activities include tutoring, assistance with school projects,
  recreational activities, and performing community service.
• Community Service: Youth spend one to two hours per quarter performing
  community service.
• Social Competence, Financial Freedom, Job Skills & Critical Thinking
  Training: Participants are involved in 6 weekly lessons from the Social
  Problem Solving Module of the Social Competence Promotion Programs.
  The curricula focus on stress management, problem solving, self-esteem,
  substance and health information, financial stability and peer-resistance
• Family Activities: Quarterly weekend events are held for youth, their family
  members, and mentors. Families are provided with sessions which contain
  resources and information about the Program.

Youth are recruited from the following means; school counselors, parents, youth intervention agencies refer students, churches, partnering agencies, and word-of-mouth.  An application is completed by parent(s) and youth and placed in the
youth’s permanent folder. An up-to-date report card is required by all participating youth and subsequent report cards are required for quality assurance and program evaluation. The family and community are involved in this program via
educational and professional development workshops for adults in the community, particularly parents of children in the program and the community. Workshop topics focus on adult literacy, vendors for Dept. of Labor, participating colleges
and universities entrance requirements, experts in financial aid or scholarship assistance, oral and written communication assistance, marketing oneself, resume building, interviewing, etc. Mentors are recruited from community partners, word-of-
mouth, and volunteer referrals. All mentors complete a thorough application and submit a criminal background check which is kept on file. Mentors and mentees are assigned based on sex, areas of interest, and geographical locations.


This program is free to youth participants. All monies are raised by the organization and used exclusively on program implementation.


Partnership Success, Inc. began in 2002 with the desire to make a difference in the lives of youth through and seeing that there were several adults that were willing to offer their time to assist with that goal. Since its inception, Partnership Success has been successful at implementing several youth-designed programs to address the concerns and needs of youth. Our services include mentoring, tutoring, career symposium, and scholarships. Through our educational workshops and mentoring program, we have experienced phenomenal results (i.e. 20% decrease in high school dropout rate, increased morale, 25% increase in state reading program levels and heightened volunteering rates among youth and mentors). Partnership Success, Inc. focuses on Atlanta and surrounding counties to recruit students and volunteers. Our programs have been successful throughout the years totally consisting of volunteers. All raised funding goes directly to program services and overhead. The target audience for Excellent You Are! are youth ages six to eighteen.

What makes Partnership Success, Incorporated unique?
The Program uses Kouzes and Posner’s exemplary leadership model: encourage the heart, enable others to act, challenge the process, model the way, and inspire a shared vision. Once participants become a part of the ExcellentYouAre! program
they are considered life-long members. Because our children often transition from school to school, we remain with them as they change. No matter where they go, we are there. Our focus is to provide stability so that they understand that we are
committed to establishing a life-long, constant support system. 

For more information, please contact PS, Inc. at 404.273.9814.


The Looking Glass Project consists of collaborative services of Divine Ministries and Service and Partnership Success Incorporated.

The Looking Glass Project provides youth and the community opportunities to “peak” in to worlds that exposes and propels them towards positive educational and career choices. The collaborative efforts of Divine Ministries & Services,
Freedom Career Development, and Partnership Success Incorporated enables and empowers individuals to comfortably explore and understand worlds of production, the arts, career choices, and the significance or pursuing higher education.

The inclusion of academia helps individuals to catapult successful towards entrepreneurial opportunities, personal and professional development, and satisfying career alternatives.

Partnership Success, Incorporated attends Kid’s Video Connection’s Annual Children’s Film Festival which aligns with The Looking Glass Project to further “promote positive, educational, and entertaining children's films and video programs. This festival is two weeks of fun and educational activities which includes screenings, media literacy and video production workshops.”

M.O.M./WOW Project – mothers of mentees whose lives are turned upside down! consists of collaborative services of Freedom Career Development, Inc.

The goal of the M.O.M./WOW Project is to remove disparity and reward mothers of mentors who selflessly sacrifice so very much to create successful paths for their children. M.O.M./WOW is a three month short-term personal and professional development Program that provides interactive face-to-face training modules designed to educate and empower women to reach their greatest potential. The professional development workshops enable “Moms” to reach their greatest

o Getting to Know You! & Resume Building
o Mock/Video Interviewing
o Career Analysis & Financial Planning

Your VOICE! focuses on reading and vocal initiatives to inspire and enlighten youths to build self-confidence and communication skills. Skilled coaches and mentors work with participants monthly. VOICE is comparable to Toastmaster’s,
but designed for youth ages 5 to 18. Speak up! Speak out. Speak well!


Partnership Success, Incorporated
- Profit entities -

JKo Consulting Group


Full service professional development and educational entity, specializing in consulting services, including performance assessments, organizational interventions, facilitation, training design and delivery of content for various audiences.

Project SPEAK!


Facilitation, training design and delivery of content for corporate and academic

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