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I am excited to introduce you to my latest and most proudest creation. Her name is Patches. She is the main character to a series of children’s books to come.Patches is a winsome, little girl who was birthed from the thoughts and behavior of Kotina’s very own daughter - Jekoti-Blake. Patches is very much like the little girl of every one’s generation. She is funny and happy-go-lucky. Most of all, Patches is curious. She, along with her best friend, Charlie Mae, and brother, Jackson, explore many adventures together (willing and unwilling).

Book I: Patches


Patches introduces the world to a winsome little girl named Patches. Her innocence is revealed as she brings to life (a host of) literal clichés, fitting them into her world. Fun and imaginative, Patches looks forward to exploring summer adventures with her best friend Charlie Mae. Although Jackson, her bothersome little brother, “copycats” her moves, Patches’ adventures always find ways to include him in her adventures.

Book II: Patches Visits the Jungle


Patches Visits the Jungle is the continuing adventures of the little girl with a big name. The book explores how children use their imagination - while at play, especially when – forced to play inside during rainy days. Check out what happens when Patches suddenly discovers she is unable to play with her best friend Charlie for a day. Just when she thought things couldn't get worse, it rains! What will Patches do? How will she entertain herself? Will she be forced to play with Jackson, her little copy-cat brother? Check out Patches Visits the Jungle to find out!


Book III: Patches Wears a Tutu


With disappointment, Patches learns Charlie Mae cannot visit during the upcoming summer.  So Patches’ parents surprise the both of them for a visit to Abbeville, Alabama.  The fun unfolds when Charlie Mae discovers her friend’s visit to her hometown.  Read Patches Wears a Tutu to find out! It’s adventurous and imaginative; all the while keeping you laughing. Like C. Sam’s Read prior books, Patches Wears a Tutu will not disappoint as it celebrates the importance of friendship  and being different.


Coming Soon!
*Books can be ordered directly via our site/Contact Us button, Barnes & Noble,, and  When ordering, please specify soft cover or hard cover.
The Series is also available in eBook.


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